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1-3tph Multifunctional CCD Rice Color Sorter Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Meri
Certification: CE and ISO9000
Model Number: m128
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: one piece
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: FOB or CIF
Supply Ability: 3000 sets per year

Detail Information

Model: M128 Channel: 128
Throughput: 1-3t/h Power: 1.2kw
Dimension: 1252*1524*1600mm Weight: 400kg
High Light:

CCD Rice Color Sorter Machine


3tph Rice Color Sorter Machine


CCD Rice Colour Sorter

Product Description

CCD Multifunction Rice Color Sorter Machine




The main components of the large Beige sorter include feed hopper, vibrating feeder, chute slide, light source, background plate, CCD detection lens, discharge bin, air-jet nozzle, air compressor, air purifier, and filter, etc.

Feeding system: it is composed of a feeding hopper, vibrating feeder, chute, and chute. The rice materials to be sorted enter the vibrating feeder from the feed hopper, and the materials are automatically arranged into continuous current fine bundles through the vibration and guide mechanism. After being accelerated through the chute, they fall into the detection area of photoelectric sorting at a constant speed, so as to ensure that the materials are clearly presented in the optical sorting and spraying area. In addition to the function of providing raw grain to be selected for the color separator, the feeding system can also control the output of the color separator. The output of the color separator per unit time can be controlled by adjusting the flow control board of the feed hopper and the vibration of the vibrating hopper.

Photoelectric system: the photoelectric system is the core part of the color sorter, which is mainly composed of the light source, background plate, CCD lens, and relevant auxiliary devices. The light source provides stable and uniform illumination for the tested material and background plate. The experimental results show that the effect of blue LED light source is the best. The CCD lens will detect the area

Sorting system: the sorting system is composed of a discharge bin, jet valve, air compressor, air filter purifier, and other accessories. Due to the large kinetic energy of the rice material after spraying through the high-speed nozzle, the space of the discharge bin should be large enough, and there are damping measures at the contact part between the material and the discharge bin. Prevent the rice from rebounding after hitting the discharge bin and entering the CCD lens detection area again, resulting in mishitting. The experimental results of the pneumatic nozzle show that the size of nozzle spacing and the number of nozzles are some of the key factors affecting the accuracy of the color sorter.

Cleaning system: the cleaning system is composed of air cylinders, glass wipers, and other components. Because the rice will produce dust and other impurities easy to adhere to the glass in the process of color separation. Once too much dust and impurities are attached to the window glass, the photoelectric system for sorting and detecting tea materials through the window glass will easily produce chain problems such as false detection. At least, it will affect the color separation accuracy and the color separation belt out ratio, and at worst, it will cause the jet nozzle to work frequently, reduce the service life of the nozzle and control system, and set the nozzle control system to burn down. The glass wiper is installed on the cylinder. The master control system drives the cylinder piston to slide by controlling the cylinder valve switch according to the present time, so as to regularly clean the dust and impurities on the glass.

Operating system: large screen and wide viewing angle color touch operation platform is adopted to preset multiple color selection modes for customers. A friendly man-machine interface is established to realize the adjustment conveniently and quickly according to the specific situation of rice materials.





Model Channels Throughput (t/h) Sorting accuracy Power(kw) Voltage(v) Dimension(l*w*h mm) Weight (kg)
M64 64 0.5-1.5 ≥99.99% 0.9 220/50HZ 932*1515*1600 320
M96 96 1-2 ≥99.99% 1 220/50HZ 1121*1602*1600 500
M128 128 1-3 ≥99.99% 1.2 220/50HZ 1252*1524*1600 440
M192 192 2-5 ≥99.99% 2.6 220/50HZ 1799*1644*2013 720
M256 256 3-6 ≥99.99% 2.8 220/50HZ 2168*1644*2013 880
M320 320 4-7 ≥99.99% 3.2 220/50HZ 2488*1644*2013 1040
M384 384 5-8 ≥99.99% 3.6 220/50HZ 2830*1644*2013 1210
M448 448 6-10 ≥99.99% 4.1 220/50HZ 3132*1644*2163 1380
M512 512 7-12 ≥99.99% 4.5 220/50HZ 3452*1644*2163 1580
M640 640 7-20 ≥99.99% 5.5 220/50HZ 4092*1644*2163 1950

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