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Infrared Composite Double View Color Sorter Machine 7 - 20tph

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Meri
Certification: CE and ISO9000
Model Number: m640
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: one piece
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: FOB or CIF
Supply Ability: 3000 sets per year

Detail Information

Model: M640 Channel: 640
Sorting Accuracy: ≥99.99% Throughput: 7-20t/h
Power: 5.5kw Dimension: 4092*1644*2163mm
High Light:

20tph Color Sorter Machine


7tph Color Sorter Machine


Infrared Composite Double View Color Sorter

Product Description

Infrared Composite Double View Beige Color Sorter Machine





In recent years, the large rice color sorter has been gradually applied to the rice industry to promote the comprehensive development of food security, convenience, nutrition and health care in China. However, at present, the common large Beige separator in the market can only be classified according to the color and shape of rice, and it is difficult to sort some stones, glass and other impurities, which seriously affects the appearance quality and processing of rice. This heavyweight launched Jingxiang flagship · four camera composite double view Beige sorter breaks through the barrier of "difficult separation and low precision of evil impurities", so that the beige sorter can not only separate evil impurities such as different color particles and glass stones, but also count the content of various defective products and broken rice as an online detection equipment.

Relying on the TIMA platform, the Jingxiang flagship · four camera composite double view Beige sorter has been greatly improved in both software and hardware.

First of all, the appearance of the rice color sorter adopts the scientific and technological appearance structure of blue and white system, which is eye-catching. In terms of hardware, the biggest core highlight is that the camera is upgraded to four cameras, coupled with a high-performance elimination system, so that there is no hiding place for evil impurities, easy identification and elimination, and greatly improve the color selection accuracy. Specifically, four shots, namely near-infrared, short wave infrared (indium gallium arsenic infrared) and two visible lenses, can easily remove stones, minerals, glass, desiccant, plastics and other evil impurities on the basis of sorting traditional impurities such as yellow, yellowish, abdominal white and sick spots in the past.

● visible light can be very light yellow, broken rice, diseased rice and miscellaneous rice.

● near infrared can be used to select other stones, minerals, metals, belly white, glass and desiccant.

● short wave infrared (indium gallium arsenic infrared) can be selected from glass, desiccant, white plastic, transparent plastic, color plastic and stone.

In other hardware aspects, it continues the concept of reassuring and quality life. Ultra high definition sensor can perfectly restore the true color of materials, and the photos can be magnified and displayed 8 times. The independent ash cleaning system can not only make the machine have self-cleaning function, but also prevent the materials from secondary pollution and ensure the purity of materials. Professional anti crushing technology provides good protection for fragile materials and maximizes the value of materials.

In addition, the color selection and shape selection functions can intelligently identify the subtle shape differences of materials, easily classify materials of different shapes such as size, length, fine, square, single and double, and can finely separate pole materials, so as to perfectly maximize the value of quality selection.

Intelligence and digitization have always been the core competitiveness to help enterprises better achieve high-yield and high-quality development. Jingxiang flagship · four camera composite double view Beige sorter still supports equipment in-depth learning, product parameters, automatic correction and intelligent cloud control. These can be set with one key operation, which can provide customers with the best and most economical sorting solution.

Deep learning of equipment, intelligent setting of product parameters, simple operation, and improving the efficiency of man-machine cooperation. Equipment deep learning can model without human intervention and match the optimal classification method; Intelligent setting of product parameters, independent calculation, intelligent identification and intelligent sorting according to materials.

Automatic correction and real-time dynamic image calibration greatly improve the stability and anti-interference performance of the machine. Intelligent Cloud control can realize remote control, operation and maintenance, and share the convenience of the big data era.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that this latest rice color sorter can customize the channel according to the needs of enterprises. For example, manufacturers with small output can choose 2 channels and those with large output can choose 10 channels to adapt to the original industrial production line.




Model Channels Throughput (t/h) Sorting accuracy Power(kw) Voltage(v) Dimension(l*w*h mm) Weight (kg)
M64 64 0.5-1.5 ≥99.99% 0.9 220/50HZ 932*1515*1600 320
M96 96 1-2 ≥99.99% 1 220/50HZ 1121*1602*1600 500
M128 128 1-3 ≥99.99% 1.2 220/50HZ 1252*1524*1600 440
M192 192 2-5 ≥99.99% 2.6 220/50HZ 1799*1644*2013 720
M256 256 3-6 ≥99.99% 2.8 220/50HZ 2168*1644*2013 880
M320 320 4-7 ≥99.99% 3.2 220/50HZ 2488*1644*2013 1040
M384 384 5-8 ≥99.99% 3.6 220/50HZ 2830*1644*2013 1210
M448 448 6-10 ≥99.99% 4.1 220/50HZ 3132*1644*2163 1380
M512 512 7-12 ≥99.99% 4.5 220/50HZ 3452*1644*2163 1580
M640 640 7-20 ≥99.99% 5.5 220/50HZ 4092*1644*2163 1950

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