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Intelligent Multifunctional 640 Channel Rice Color Sorter Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Meri
Certification: CE and ISO9000
Model Number: CR10
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: one piece
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: FOB or CIF
Supply Ability: 3000 sets per year

Detail Information

Channel: 640 Throughput: 7-10t/h
Power: 5kw Dimension: 4092*1644*2013mm
Weight: 1950kg Voltage: 220v/50hz
High Light:

640 Channel Rice Color Sorter Machine


Multifunctional Rice Color Sorter Machine


640 Channel Rice Colour Sorter

Product Description

640 Channels Intelligent Multifunction Rice Color Sorter Machine




In the process of using the large rice color separator, in addition to considering the color separator itself, the effect of the color separation process is affected by many other factors, such as the bran content of rice, the heterochromatic particle content of rice, the temperature of raw rice and the quality of the gas source.

(1) The bran content of raw rice. When the raw rice contains more bran, it is easy to scale on the channel of the color separator after a period of time under the condition of appropriate moisture and temperature, which affects the flow of rice grains. In addition, the dust concentration in the sorting room is too high, which will affect the recognition ability of the electric eye and the operation of the injection valve, so as to reduce the color sorting accuracy. Therefore, the rice entering the color separator is required to have a smooth surface, less bran, and good fluidity.

(2) Heterochromatic grain content of raw rice. It is generally required that the heterochromatic particle content of raw rice does not exceed the calibration range of the color separator. At this time, the color separation accuracy, take-out ratio, and output can meet the standard. When the content of heterochromatic particles exceeds the normal range, in order to ensure a certain color separation accuracy and take-out ratio, the output must be reduced and the unit processing cost must be greatly increased; On the contrary, in order to meet the output requirements, the color separation accuracy must be reduced and the take-out ratio must be increased, which will affect the quality of finished products and rice yield.

(3) Temperature of raw rice. After multi-machine milling and polishing, because the temperature of rice is higher than the normal rice temperature if it enters the color separator immediately, it is easy to make the bran powder on the rice surface adhere to the channel surface, affecting the normal flow of rice particles and reduce the color separation effect.

(4) Air source quality. The sorting device of the color sorter uses high-pressure air to blow different color rice grains out of the normal track. The quality of high-pressure air will affect the accuracy and take-out ratio of the color separator. The air source shall be free of oil, water, dust, dry and stable pressure, otherwise, it is very easy to block the gas circuit and injection valve, affect the sensitivity of injection valve action, and damage the nozzle.


1. Equipped with Nikon industrial grade 2048 pixel CCD camera and high-resolution image sensor to detect the tint particles and tiny flaws.

2. Analysis of spectral properties of various kinds of material to identify flaws and color difference tiny to 0.1mm2

3. LED and fluorescent tubes are optional to enable different colo sorting modes to achieve the best results

4. Various sorting modes and automatic memory functions, it is no need for the setting of a second-time operation.




Model Channels Throughput (t/h) Sorting accuracy Optimized carryover Power(kw) Voltage(v) Dimension(l*w*h mm) Weight (kg)
CR1 64 0.8-1.8 ≥99.99% >30:1 0.9 220/50HZ 932*1515*1625 260
CR2 128 1-3 ≥99.99% >30:1 1.2 220/50HZ 1477*1644*2013 700
CR3 192 2-5 ≥99.99% >30:1 2 220/50HZ 1795*1644*2013 1000
CR4 256 3-6 ≥99.99% >30:1 2.5 220/50HZ 2168*1644*2013 1200
CR5 320 4-7 ≥99.99% >30:1 3 220/50HZ 2488*1644*2013 1350
CR6 384 5-8 ≥99.99% >30:1 3.5 220/50HZ 2830*1644*2013 1500
CR7 338 6-10 ≥99.99% >30:1 4 220/50HZ 3132*1644*2013 1650
CR8 512 7-12 ≥99.99% >30:1 4.5 220/50HZ 3452*1644*2013 1750
CR10 640 7-20 ≥99.99% >30:1 5 220/50HZ 4092*1644*2013 1950





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